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2000 Volume 51 Issue 1

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Introduction: When museum informatics meets the World Wide Web, it generates energy
David Bearman | Jennifer Trant

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Effective levels of adaptation to different types of users in interactive museum systems
Fabio Paternò | Cristiano Mancini

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On pattern-directed search of archives and collections
Garett O. Dworman | Steven O. Kimbrough | Chuck Patch

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On-line exhibit design: The sociotechnological impact of building a museum over the World Wide Web
Paul F. Marty

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Visiting a museum together: How to share a visit to a virtual world
Paolo Paolini | Thimoty Barbieri | Paolo Loiudice | Francesca Alonzo | Marco Zanti | Giuliano Gaia

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The neon paintbrush: Seeing, technology, and the museum as metaphor
Peter Walsh

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Designing digital environments for art education/exploration
Slavko Milekic

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Using the Internet for survey research: A case study
Yin Zhang

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Block addressing indices for approximate text retrieval
Ricardo A. Baeza-Yates | Gonzalo Navarro

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Surname plus recallable title word searches for known items by scholars
Frederick G. Kilgour | Barbara B. Moran