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2000 Volume 51 Issue 10

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Bert R. Boyce

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Motivations for hyperlinking in scholarly electronic articles: A qualitative study
Hak Joon Kim

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Narratives of new media in Scottish households: the evolution of a framework of inquiry
Elisabeth Davenport | Martin Higgins | Ian Sommerville

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Shifts of focus on various aspects of user information problems during interactive information retrieval
David Robins

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Users' perception of relevance of spoken documents
Anastasios Tombros | Fabio Crestani

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Impact of prior electronic publication on manuscript consideration policies of scholarly journals
Stephen P. Harter | Taemin Kim Park

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End user searching on the Internet: An analysis of term pair topics submitted to the Excite search engine
Nancy C. M. Ross | Dietmar Wolfram

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In memory of Belver C. Griffith
Howard D. White | Katherine W. McCain

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Book review: U.S. government on the Web: Getting the information you need, by Peter Hernon, John A. Shuler, and Robert E. Dugan
Mike Steckel

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Book review: Web style guide: Basic design principles for creating web sites, by Patrick J. Lynch and Sarah Horton
Terrence A. Brooks

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Book review: Information seeking in the online age: Principles and practice, by Andrew Large, Lucy A. Tedd, and R.J. Hartley
Ethelene Whitmire

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Book review: Developer's guide to the Java Web server: Building effective and scalable server-side applications, by Dan Woods, Larne Pekowsky, and Tom Snee
Pascal V. Calarco

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Book review: The clock of the long now: Time and responsibility, by Stewart Brand
Jo Ann Oravec

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Letter to the Editor (Reply): Incremental benefit of human indexing
Jian Qin