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2000 Volume 51 Issue 11

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Bert R. Boyce

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A usability assessment of online indexing structures in the networked environment
Carol A. Hert | Elin K. Jacob | Patrick Dawson

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Interactive query expansion: A user-based evaluation in a relevance feedback environment
Efthimis N. Efthimiadis

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Aging, obsolescence, impact, growth, and utilization: Definitions and relations
Leo Egghe | Ronald Rousseau

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Network organizational development in the public sector: A case study of the federal emergency management administration (FEMA)
Robert Ward | Gary Wamsley | Aaron D. Schroeder | David Robins

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Using Kintsch's discourse comprehension theory to model the user's coding of an informative message from an enabling information retrieval system
Charles Cole | Bertie Mandelblatt

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Translingual alteration of conceptual information in medical translation
Shaoyi He

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Book review: New organizational designs: Information aspects, by Bob Travica
Patricia F. Katopol

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Book review: Information visualization: Perception for design, by Colin Ware
Terrence A. Brooks

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Book review: Information retrieval: Algorithms and heuristics, by David A. Grossman and Ophir Frieder
Hugh E. Williams

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Book review: The internet public library handbook, by Joseph Janes et al
Billie E. Walker