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2000 Volume 51 Issue 3

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Introduction to the special topic issue: Digital Libraries - Part 1
Hsinchun Chen

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Visualizing document classification: A search aid for the digital library
Yew-Huey Liu | Paul Dantzig | Martin W. Sachs | James T. Corey | Mark T. Hinnebusch | Marc Damashek | Jonathan D. Cohen

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Digital library resources as a basis for collaborative work
Robert Wilensky

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Alexandria digital library: user evaluation studies and system design
Linda L. Hill | Larry Carver | Mary Larsgaard | Ron Dolin | Terence R. Smith | James Frew | Mary-Anna S. Rae

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Guided paths through Web-based collections: Design, experiences, and adaptations
Frank M. Shipman III | Richard Furuta | Donald Brenner | Chung-Chi Chung | Hao-wei Hsieh

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NCSTRL: Design and deployment of a globally distributed digital library
James R. Davis | Carl Lagoze

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Cross-language information access to multilingual collections on the internet
Guo-Wei Bian | Hsin-Hsi Chen

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A user-centered interface for information exploration in a heterogeneous digital library
Michelle Q. Wang Baldonado