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2000 Volume 51 Issue 4

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Introduction to the special topic issue: Digital Libraries - Part 2
Hsinchun Chen

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A spoken-access approach for chinese text and speech information retrieval
Lee-Feng Chien | Hsin-Min Wang | Bo-Ren Bai | Sun-Chien Lin

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Determining the publication impact of a digital library
Nancy R. Kaplan | Michael L. Nelson

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Combination and boundary detection approaches on Chinese indexing
Christopher C. Yang | Johnny W. K. Luk | Stanley K. Yung | Jerome Yen

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Comparing noun phrasing techniques for use with medical digital library tools
Kristin M. Tolle | Hsinchun Chen

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Content and knowledge management in a digital library and museum
Jian-Hua Yeh | Jia-Yang Chang | Yen-Jen Oyang

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Previews and overviews in digital libraries: Designing surrogates to support visual information seeking
Stephan Greene | Gary Marchionini | Catherine Plaisant | Ben Shneiderman

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Digital libraries: Situating use in changing information infrastructure
Ann Peterson Bishop | Laura J. Neumann | Susan Leigh Star | Cecelia Merkel | Emily Ignacio | Robert J. Sandusky