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2000 Volume 51 Issue 6

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In this issue
Bert R. Boyce

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Individual differences in virtual environments - Introduction and overview
Chaomei Chen | Mary Czerwinski | Robert D. Macredie

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Individual differences and the conundrums of user-centered design: Two experiments
Bryce Allen

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Spatial-semantics: How users derive shape from information space
Andrew Dillon

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Individual differences in a spatial-semantic virtual environment
Chaomei Chen

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Cognitive styles and virtual environments
Nigel Ford

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Cognitive style and on-line database search experience as predictors of Web search performance
Ruth A. Palmquist | Kyung-Sun Kim

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The tale of two ERICS: Factors influencing the development of the first ERIC and its transformation into a national system
Lee G. Burchinal

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Differences between novice and experienced users in searching information on the World Wide Web
Ard W. Lazonder | Harm J. A. Biemans | Iwan G. J. H. Wopereis

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Incremental benefit of human indexing
Susanne M. Humphrey