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2000 Volume 51 Issue 8

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Bert R. Boyce

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An evaluation of retrieval effectiveness using spelling-correction and string-similarity matching methods on Malay texts
Zainab Abu Bakar | Tengku M. T. Sembok | Mohammed Yusoff

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Managing heterogeneous information systems through discovery and retrieval of generic concepts
Uma Srinivasan | Anne H. H. Ngu | Tamás D. Gedeon

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Raising reliability of web search tool research through replication and chaos theory
Scott Nicholson

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The personal construction of information space
Cliff McKnight

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Time-line interviews and inductive content analysis: their effectiveness for exploring cognitive behaviors
Linda Schamber

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Abstracts produced using computer assistance
Timothy C. Craven

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Encounters with the OPAC: On-line searching in public libraries
Debra J. Slone

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Using clustering strategies for creating authority files
James C. French | Allison L. Powell | Eric Schulman

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Book review: Inventing the internet, by Janet Abbate
Cheryl Knott Malone

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Book review: Internet policy handbook for libraries, by Mark Smith
Janie L. Hassard Wilkins