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2000 Volume 51 Issue 9

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In this issue
Bert R. Boyce

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Rating news documents for similarity
Carolyn R. Watters | Hong Wang

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The conduit metaphor and the nature and politics of information studies
Ronald E. Day

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What is wrong with obsolescence?
Pedro Alvarez | Maria Isabel Escalona | Antonio Pulgarín

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Probability distributions in library and information science: A historical and practitioner viewpoint
Stephen J. Bensman

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When information retrieval measures agree about the relative quality of document rankings
Robert M. Losee

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Shifts of interactive intentions and information-seeking strategies in interactive information retrieval
Hong (Iris) Xie

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The knowledge - behavior gap in use of health information
F. X. Sligo | Anna M. Jameson

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Discovering knowledge from noisy databases using genetic programming
Man Leung Wong | Kwong-Sak Leung | Jack Chun Yiu Cheng

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Proper citations
Marcia J. Bates

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Rejoinder: Authors of information science
Howard D. White | Katherine W. McCain

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Authors of information science
J. Periam Danton