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2001 Volume 37 Issue 3

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Interactivity at the Text Retrieval Conference (TREC)
William R. Hersh | Paul Over

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The TREC interactive track: an annotated bibliography
Paul Over

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Challenging conventional assumptions of automated information retrieval with real users: Boolean searching and batch retrieval evaluations
William R. Hersh | Andrew Turpin | Susan Price | Dale Kraemer | Daniel Olson | Benjamin Chan | Lynetta Sacherek

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Iterative exploration, design and evaluation of support for query reformulation in interactive information retrieval
Nicholas J. Belkin | Colleen Cool | Diane Kelly | Shin-jeng Lin | Soyeon Park | Jose Perez Carballo | C. Sikora

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Evaluating combinations of ranked lists and visualizations of inter-document similarity
James Allan | Anton Leuski | Russell C. Swan | Donald Byrd

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Using clustering and classification approaches in interactive retrieval
Mingfang Wu | Michael Fuller | Ross Wilkinson

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TREC interactive with Cheshire II
Ray R. Larson

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The impact of text browsing on text retrieval performance
Richard C. Bodner | Mark H. Chignell | Nipon Charoenkitkarn | Gene Golovchinsky | Richard W. Kopak

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Passage feedback with IRIS
Kiduk Yang | Kelly Maglaughlin | Gregory B. Newby