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2001 Volume 37 Issue 5

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Scholarly publishing in the Internet age: a citation analysis of computer science literature
Abby Goodrum | Katherine W. McCain | Steve Lawrence | C. Lee Giles

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Developing organized information displays for voluminous works: a study of user clustering behavior
Allyson Carlyle

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An analysis of image retrieval tasks in the field of art history
Hsin-Liang Chen

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Questions as a factor in Web search strategy
Marilyn Domas White | Mirja Iivonen

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An efficient substring search method by using delayed keyword extraction
Makoto Okada | Kazuaki Ando | Samuel Sangkon Lee | Yoshitaka Hayashi | Jun-ichi Aoe

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The Intellectual Foundation of Information Organization; Elaine Svenonius (Ed.); MIT Press
Geoffrey C. Bowker

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Introductory concepts in information science; Melanie J. Norton, Information Today Inc., for the American Society for Information Science
T. D. Wilson

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Saving the Time of the Library User Through Subject Access Innovation: Papers in Honor of Pauline Atherton Cochrane; W.J. Wheeler (Ed.)
Harold Borko