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2001 Volume 52 Issue 1

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Still the frontier: Information science at the Millennium
Terrence A. Brooks

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Contingency and contradiction: The place(s) of the library at the dawn of the new millennium
Ross Atkinson

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When documents deceive: Trust and provenance as new factors for information retrieval in a tangled web
Clifford A. Lynch

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A retrospective and prospective view of information retrieval and artificial intelligence in the 21st Century
Eugene Garfield

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: A proposed integrated environment for enhanced user interaction and value-adding of electronic documents: An empirical evaluation
Chern Li Liew | Schubert Foo | K. R. Chennupati

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Trends, fashions, patterns, norms, conventions . . . and hypertext too
Einat Amitay

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Information Science Abstracts: Tracking the literature of information science. Part 1: Definition and map
Donald T. Hawkins

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From information to knowledge: Some reflections on the origin of the current shifting towards knowledge processing and further perspective
Vesna Olui-Vukovic

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The use of theory in information science research
Karen E. Pettigrew | Lynne McKechnie

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Implications of ambiguity for scientometric measurement
Abraham Bookstein