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2001 Volume 52 Issue 2

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In this issue
Bert R. Boyce

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Authors as citers over time
Howard D. White

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The moral rights of authors in the age of digital information
J. Carlos Fernández-Molina | Eduardo Peis

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Children's use of the Yahooligans! Web search engine: II. Cognitive and physical behaviors on research tasks
Dania Bilal

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Usage patterns of a web-based library catalog
Michael D. Cooper

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The role of user profiles for news filtering
Michael A. Shepherd | Jack Duffy | Carolyn R. Watters | Nitin Gugle

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Regions and levels: Measuring and mapping users' relevance judgments
Amanda Spink | Howard Greisdorf

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Multidimensional scaling of video surrogates
Abby Goodrum

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Book review: Digital libraries, edited by William Y. Arms
Birger Hjørland