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2001 Volume 52 Issue 6

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In this issue
Bert R. Boyce

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Assessment of the effects of user characteristics on mental models of information retrieval systems
Xiangmin Zhang | Mark H. Chignell

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Modeling the retrieval process for an information retrieval system using an ordinal fuzzy linguistic approach
Enrique Herrera-Viedma

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Discovering term occurrence structure in text
Abraham Bookstein | Timo Raita

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Optimal query expansion (QE) processing methods with semantically encoded structured thesauri terminology
Jane Greenberg

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Evaluating Internet resources: Identity, affiliation, and cognitive authority in a networked world
John W. Fritch | Robert L. Cromwell

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Book review: Electronic expectations: Science journals on the Web, by Tony Stankus
Michael Fosmire

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Book review: Snap to grid: A user's guide to digital arts, media, and cultures, by Peter Lunenfeld
Gerald Benoît

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Book review: Organizing audiovisual and electronic resources for access: A cataloging guide, by Ingrid Hsieh-Yee
Karen Spern