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2001 Volume 52 Issue 7

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Bert R. Boyce

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User preferences in the classification of electronic bookmarks: Implications for a shared system
Lisa Gottlieb | Juris Dilevko

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Small worlds: Normative behavior in virtual communities and feminist bookselling
Gary Burnett | Michele Besant | Elfreda A. Chatman

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Using concepts in literature-based discovery: Simulating Swanson's Raynaud-fish oil and migraine-magnesium discoveries
Marc Weeber | Henny Klein | Lolkje T. W. de Jong-van den Berg | Rein Vos

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Hyperauthorship: A postmodern perversion or evidence of a structural shift in scholarly communication practices?
Blaise Cronin

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The effect of pool depth on system evaluation in TREC
Sabrina Keenan | Alan F. Smeaton | Gary Keogh

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Employing the resolution power of search keys
Ari Pirkola | Kalervo Järvelin

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Chinese document indexing based on a new partitioned signature file: Model and evaluation
Wai Lam | Kam-Fai Wong | Chi-Yin Wong

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Book review: The robot in the garden: Telerobotics and telepistemology in the age of the internet, edited by Ken Goldberg
Alexander Halavais

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Book review: After the internet: Alien intelligence, by James Martin
Luca I. G. Toldo