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2001 Volume 19 Issue 3

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Building a distributed full-text index for the web
Sergey Melnik | Sriram Raghavan | Beverly Yang | Hector Garcia-Molina

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Scaling question answering to the web
Cody C. T. Kwok | Oren Etzioni | Daniel S. Weld

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WebQuilt: A proxy-based approach to remote web usability testing
Jason I. Hong | Jeffrey Heer | Sarah Waterson | James A. Landay

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On the design of a learning crawler for topical resource discovery
Charu C. Aggarwal | Fatima Al-Garawi | Philip S. Yu

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A highly scalable and effective method for metasearch
Weiyi Meng | Zonghuan Wu | Clement T. Yu | Zhuogang Li