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2001 Volume 4 Issue 1-2

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LAURIN: A Distributed Digital Library of Newspaper Clippings
Diego Calvanese | Tiziana Catarci | Giuseppe Santucci

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Data-Intensive Web Sites: Design and Maintenance
Paolo Atzeni | Paolo Merialdo | Giansalvatore Mecca

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A Conceptual Model and Rule-Based Query Language for HTML
Mengchi Liu | Tok Wang Ling

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Modelling and Manipulating Multidimensional Data in Semistructured Databases
Raymond K. Wong | Franky Lam | Mehmet A. Orgun

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XStorM: A Scalable Storage Mapping Scheme for XML Data
Wen Qiang Wang | Mong-Li Lee | Beng Chin Ooi | Kian-Lee Tan

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A Web-Based Knowledge Network for Supporting Emerging Internet Applications
Minsoo Lee | Stanley Y. W. Su | Herman Lam