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2002 Volume 38 Issue 1

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Improving the retrieval effectiveness of very short queries
Carolyn J. Crouch | Donald B. Crouch | Qingyan Chen | Steven J. Holtz

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Visualizing a high recall search strategy output for undergraduates in an exploration stage of researching a term paper
Charles Cole | Bertie Mandelblatt | John Stevenson

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Patterns between interactive intentions and information-seeking strategies
Hong (Iris) Xie

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Document organization using Kohonen's algorithm
Vicente P. Guerrero-Bote | Félix de Moya Anegón | Victor Herrero Solana

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Effective foreign word extraction for Korean information retrieval
Byung-Ju Kang | Key-Sun Choi

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Discovering authorities and hubs in different topological web graph structures
George V. Meghabghab

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Assessing bias in search engines
Abbe Mowshowitz | Akira Kawaguchi