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2002 Volume 38 Issue 3

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Support vector machines: relevance feedback and information retrieval
Harris Drucker | Behzad Shahraray | David C. Gibbon

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An experimental study on the iso-content-based angle similarity measure
Jin Zhang | Edie M. Rasmussen

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Text classification using ESC-based stochastic decision lists
Hang Li | Kenji Yamanishi

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Exemplary documents: a foundation for information retrieval design
David C. Blair | Steven O. Kimbrough

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The cascade of interactions in the digital library interface
Marcia J. Bates

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A user-centered approach to evaluating human interaction with Web search engines: an exploratory study
Amanda Spink

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Gender differences in collaborative Web searching behavior: an elementary school study
Andrew Large | Jamshid Beheshti | Tarjin Rahman

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Some thoughts on the reported results of TREC
David C. Blair