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2002 Volume 38 Issue 4

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Characteristics of question format web queries: an exploratory study
Amanda Spink | Huseyin Cenk Özmutlu

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Analysis of large data logs: an application of Poisson sampling on excite web queries
Huseyin Cenk Özmutlu | Amanda Spink | Seda Özmutlu

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Mining a Web Citation Database for author co-citation analysis
Yulan He | Siu Cheung Hui

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Integrated multi-strategic Web document pre-processing for sentence and word boundary detection
Junhyeok Shim | Dongseok Kim | Jeongwon Cha | Gary Geunbae Lee | Jungyun Seo

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The use of bigrams to enhance text categorization
Chade-Meng Tan | Yuan-Fang Wang | Chan-Do Lee

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Efficient stemmer generation
Brian Fox | Christopher J. Fox

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The effectiveness of query-specific hierarchic clustering in information retrieval
Anastasios Tombros | Robert Villa | C. J. van Rijsbergen

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A feature mining based approach for the classification of text documents into disjoint classes
Salvador Nieto Sánchez | Evangelos Triantaphyllou | Donald H. Kraft