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2002 Volume 38 Issue 5

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Issues of context in information retrieval (IR): an introduction to the special issue
Colleen Cool | Amanda Spink

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Toward a theoretical framework for understanding the relationship between situated action and planned action models of behavior in information retrieval contexts: contributions from phenomenology
Kwong Bor Ng

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Traditional IR for web users: a context for general audience digital libraries
Dietmar Wolfram | Hong (Iris) Xie

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Differences and similarities in information seeking: children and adults as Web users
Dania Bilal | Joe Kirby

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An experiment in building profiles in information filtering: the role of context of user relevance feedback
Luz Marina Quiroga | Javed Mostafa

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Users' relevance criteria in image retrieval in American history
Youngok Choi | Edie M. Rasmussen

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Combining evidence for automatic Web session identification
Daqing He | Ayse Göker | David J. Harper