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2002 Volume 53 Issue 11

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Bert R. Boyce

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30, 000 hits may be better than 300: Precision anomalies in Internet searches
Caroline M. Eastman

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Information seeking and mediated searching. Part 5. User-intermediary interaction
David Ellis | Thomas D. Wilson | Nigel Ford | Allen Foster | H. M. Lam | R. Burton | Amanda Spink

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Facilitating community information seeking using the Internet: Findings from three public library-community network systems
Karen E. Pettigrew | Joan C. Durrance | Kenton T. Unruh

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A case study of information-seeking behavior in 7-year-old children in a semistructured situation
Linda Z. Cooper

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The effects of menu design on information-seeking performance and user's attitude on the World Wide Web
Byeong-Min Yu | Seak-Zoon Roh

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On using genetic algorithms for multimodal relevance optimization in information retrieval
Mohand Boughanem | Claude Chrisment | Lynda Tamine

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An investigation of the influence of indexing exhaustivity and term distributions on a document space
Dietmar Wolfram | Jin Zhang

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A comparison of foreign authorship distribution in JASIST and the Journal of Documentation
Shaoyi He | Amanda Spink

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Work tasks and socio-cognitive relevance: A specific example
Birger Hjørland | Frank Sejer Christensen

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Book Review: The modern invention of information: Discourse, history, and power
Frank Exner

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Book review: Identifying and analyzing user needs: A complete handbook and ready-to-use assessment workbook with disk
Ethelene Whitmire

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Book review: Designing with javascript: Creating dynamic Web pages
Terrence A. Brooks

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Book review: Principles of Web design
Dale A. Stirling

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Book review: The laws of the Web: Patterns in the ecology of information
Eric G. Ackermann

A perspectives issue on knowledge management in Asia