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2002 Volume 53 Issue 12

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In this issue
Bert R. Boyce

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An exploratory study of Malaysian publication productivity in computer science and information technology
Yinian Gu

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Dynamic and evolutionary updates of classificatory schemes in scientific journal structures
Loet Leydesdorff

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Conceptualizing documentation on the Web: An evaluation of different heuristic-based models for counting links between university Web sites
Mike Thelwall

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Introduction to the JASIST special issue on Knowledge Management
Claire McInerney | Ronald Day

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Knowledge management and the dynamic nature of knowledge
Claire McInerney

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Knowledge management: Hype, hope, or help?
David C. Blair

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Knowledge integration in virtual teams: The potential role of KMS
Maryam Alavi | Amrit Tiwana

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Mundane knowledge management and microlevel organizational learning: An ethological approach
Elisabeth Davenport

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Knowledge management in three organizations: An exploratory study
Frank Charles Gray Southon | Ross J. Todd | Megan Seneque

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Organizational measures as a form of knowledge management: A multitheoretic, communication-based exploration
Jennifer K. Lehr | Ronald E. Rice

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Social capital, value, and measure: Antonio Negri's challenge to capitalism
Ronald E. Day