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2002 Volume 53 Issue 13

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Bert R. Boyce

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State digital library usability: Contributing organizational factors
Hong (Iris) Xie | Dietmar Wolfram

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Unfounded attribution of the "half-life" index-number of literature obsolescence to Burton and Kebler: A literature science study
Endre Száva-Kováts

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Is the relationship between numbers of references and paper lengths the same for all sciences?
Helmut A. Abt | Eugene Garfield

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Algorithmic procedure for finding semantically related journals
Alexander I. Pudovkin | Eugene Garfield

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Using graded relevance assessments in IR evaluation
Jaana Kekäläinen | Kalervo Järvelin

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Automatic thesaurus generation for Chinese documents
Yuen-Hsien Tseng

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On bidirectional English-Arabic search
Mohammed Aljlayl | Ophir Frieder | David A. Grossman

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The influence of mental models and goals on search patterns during Web interaction
Debra J. Slone

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Children's use of the Yahooligans! Web search engine. III. Cognitive and physical behaviors on fully self-generated search tasks
Dania Bilal

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Usability testing for library Web sites: A hands-on guide
Matt Jones

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Accessing and browsing information and communication
Robert J. Sandusky

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Strategies for electronic commerce and the Internet
Roisin Faherty