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2002 Volume 53 Issue 2

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Introduction to the special issue on Web research
Amanda Spink

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A longitudinal study of World Wide Web users' information-searching behavior
Vivian Cothey

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Design criteria for children's Web portals: The users speak out
Andrew Large | Jamshid Beheshti | Tarjin Rahman

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Form and function: The impact of query term and operator usage on Web search results
Wendy T. Lucas | Heikki Topi

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Cognitive and task influences on Web searching behavior
Kyung-Sun Kim | Bryce Allen

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Web searching: A process-oriented experimental study of three interactive search paradigms
Simon Dennis | Peter Bruza | Robert McArthur

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Believe it or not: Factors influencing credibility on the Web
C. Nadine Wathen | Jacquelyn A. Burkell

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Judgment of information quality and cognitive authority in the Web
Soo Young Rieh

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Web page change and persistence - A four-year longitudinal study
Wallace Koehler

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A comparison of the use of text summaries, plain thumbnails, and enhanced thumbnails for Web search tasks
Allison Woodruff | Ruth Rosenholtz | Julie Bauer Morrison | Andrew Faulring | Peter Pirolli

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A personal agent for Chinese financial news on the Web
Christopher C. Yang | Alan Chung