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2002 Volume 53 Issue 7

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In this issue
Bert R. Boyce

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A design analysis model for developing world wide web sites
Yan Ma

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Stochastic modeling of usage patterns in a web-based information system
Hui-Min Chen | Michael D. Cooper

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Digital reference: Reference librarians' experiences and attitudes
Joseph W. Janes

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A database selection expert system based on reference librarian's database selection strategy: A usability and empirical evaluation
Wei Ma

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Information and information sources in tasks of varying complexity
Katriina Byström

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Hyperlink-affiliation network structure of top web sites: Examining affiliates with hyperlink in Korea
Han Woo Park | George A. Barnett | In-Yong Nam

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Socio-economic factors in the application of information and communication technologies in Nigerian print media
Fabian A. Ehikhamenor

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Book review: The digital divide: Facing a crisis or creating a myth?
Lisa A. Ennis