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2002 Volume 5 Issue 2

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Evaluation of Strong Consistency Web Caching Techniques
L. Y. Cao | M. Tamer Özsu

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A Query Language for XML Based on Graph Grammars
Sergio Flesca | Filippo Furfaro | Sergio Greco

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Precision Evaluation of Search Engines
Yi Shang | Longzhuang Li

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Editorial: Introduction to Web Media Information Systems
Qing Li | M. Tamer Özsu

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User Intention Modelling in Web Applications Using Data Mining
Zheng Chen | Fan Lin | Huan Liu | Wei-Ying Ma | Liu Wenyin

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Web-Based 3D Geometry Model Retrieval
Rynson W. H. Lau | Ben Wong

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Content-based Indexing and Retrieval Using MPEG-7 and X-Query in Video Data Management Systems
Dian Tjondronegoro | Yi-Ping Phoebe Chen

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Knowledge Elicitation and Semantic Representation for the Heterogeneous Web
H. Lilian Tang

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Using trusted Email to Prevent Credit Card Frauds in Multimedia Products
Saleh I. Alfuraih | Nien T. Sui | Dennis McLeod