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2003 Volume 39 Issue 1

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Genetic algorithm-based relevance feedback for image retrieval using local similarity patterns
Zoran Stejic | Yasufumi Takama | Kaoru Hirota

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Text categorization based on k-nearest neighbor approach for Web site classification
Oh-Woog Kwon | Jong-Hyeok Lee

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An information-theoretic perspective of tf-idf measures
Akiko N. Aizawa

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Applying information-retrieval methods to software reuse: a case study
Eric J. Stierna | Neil C. Rowe

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Cross-language information retrieval: experiments based on CLEF 2000 corpora
Jacques Savoy

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Inverted file compression through document identifier reassignment
Wann-Yun Shieh | Tien-Fu Chen | Jean Jyh-Jiun Shann | Chung-Ping Chung

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Decision support for the academic library acquisition budget allocation via circulation database mining
Shu-Chen Kao | H.-C. Chang | C.-H. Lin