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2003 Volume 39 Issue 2

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Handling vagueness, subjectivity, and imprecision in information access: an introduction to the special issue
Fabio Crestani | Gabriella Pasi

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Connectionist interaction information retrieval
Sándor Dominich

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Information clustering based on fuzzy multisets
Sadaaki Miyamoto

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Multiple query evaluation based on an enhanced genetic algorithm
Lynda Tamine | Claude Chrisment | Mohand Boughanem

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Evaluating the informative quality of documents in SGML format from judgements by means of fuzzy linguistic techniques based on computing with words
Enrique Herrera-Viedma | Eduardo Peis

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Modelling subjectivity in visual perception of orientation for image retrieval
Daniel Sánchez | Jesús Chamorro-Martínez | María Amparo Vila Miranda

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Collection fusion using Bayesian estimation of a linear regression model in image databases on the Web
Deok-Hwan Kim | Chin-Wan Chung

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Sugeno fuzzy integral as a basis for the interpretation of flexible queries involving monotonic aggregates
Patrick Bosc | Ludovic Liétard | Olivier Pivert

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A similarity based relational algebra for Web and multimedia data
Danilo Montesi | Alberto Trombetta | Peter A. Dearnley

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Time-based retrieval of soft maps for environmental change detection
Paola Carrara | Giuseppe Fresta | Anna Rampini