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2003 Volume 39 Issue 4

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Exploring term dependences in probabilistic information retrieval model
Bong-Hyun Cho | Changki Lee | Gary Geunbae Lee

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Topic analysis using a finite mixture model
Hang Li | Kenji Yamanishi

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An efficient method for the retrieval of objects by topological relations in spatial database systems
P. L. Lin | W. H. Tan

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User studies informing E-table interfaces
Gary Marchionini | Xiangming Mu

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Result merging strategies for a current news metasearcher
Yves Rasolofo | David Hawking | Jacques Savoy

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Multimedia Web searching trends: 1997-2001
Seda Özmutlu | Amanda Spink | Huseyin Cenk Özmutlu

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Unsupervised learning of mDTD extraction patterns for Web text mining
Dongseok Kim | Hanmin Jung | Gary Geunbae Lee

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Information landscaping: information mapping, charting, querying and reporting techniques for total quality knowledge management
Bor-sheng Tsai