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2003 Volume 54 Issue 1

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Matchsimile: a Flexible Approximate Matching Tool for Searching Proper Name
Gonzalo Navarro | Ricardo A. Baeza-Yates | João Marcelo Azevedo Arcoverde

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Browsing-based Conceptual Information Retrieval Incorporating Dictionary Term Relations, Keyword Association, and a User's Interest
Makoto Nakashima | Keizo Sato | Yanhua Qu | Tetsuro Ito

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Scholarly Use of the Web: What Are the Key Inducers of Links to Journal Web Sites
Liwen Qiu Vaughan | Mike Thelwall

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Using the User's Mental Model to Guide the Integration of Information Space into Information Nee
Charles Cole | John E. Leide

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a Bit More to It: Scholarly Communication Forums as Socio-technical Interaction Networks
Rob Kling | Geoffrey W. McKim | Adam King

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Rotation and Scale Invariant Wavelet Feature for Content-based Texture Image Retrieval
Moon-Chuen Lee | Chi-Man Pun

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Information Science Research Agenda in Slovakia: History and Emerging Visio
Jela Steinerová

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Empirical Evidence of Self-organization?
Peter van den Besselaar

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Book review: Historical Information Science: An Emerging Unidiscipline
Lisa A. Ennis

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Reaction to a book review
Ron Day