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2003 Volume 54 Issue 11

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In this issue
Bert R. Boyce

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Quality control in scholarly publishing: A new proposal
Stefano Mizzaro

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Peripheral social awareness information in collaborative work
Michael B. Spring | Vichita Vathanophas

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Performance measurement framework for hierarchical text classification
Aixin Sun | Ee-Peng Lim | Wee Keong Ng

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A comparison of youngsters' use of CD-ROM and the Internet as information resources
Andrew K. Shenton | Pat Dixon

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Relevance data for language models using maximum likelihood
David Bodoff | Bin Wu | K. Y. Michael Wong

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An IP-level analysis of usage statistics for electronic journals in chemistry: Making inferences about user behavior
Philip M. Davis | Leah R. Solla

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Greeklish: An experimental interface for automatic transliteration
Alexandros Karakos

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The Sample Size Dependency of Statistical Measures and Synchronic Potentiality in Informetrics. Some Comments on Some Comments by Professor Burrell
Fuyuki Yoshikane | Kyo Kageura | Keita Tsuji

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The sample size dependency of statistical measures in informetrics? Some comments
Quentin L. Burrell

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Rejoinder to Van den Besselaar's letter entitled Descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, rhetorical statistics
Loet Leydesdorff

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Descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, rhetorical statistics
Peter van den Besselaar

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What is time?
Joseph Chersky