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2003 Volume 54 Issue 2

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Informational Environments: Organizational Contexts of Online Information Use
Roberta Lamb | John Leslie King | Rob Kling

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NLPIR: a Theoretical Framework for Applying Natural Language Processing to Information Retrieval
Lina Zhou | Dongsong Zhang

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Investigating How Individuals Conceptually and Physically Structure File Folders for Electronic Bookmarks: the Example of the Financial Services Industry
Lisa Gottlieb | Juris Dilevko

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Geosearcher: Location-based Ranking of Search Engine Results
Carolyn R. Watters | Ghada Amoudi

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Order-based Fitness Functions for Genetic Algorithms Applied to Relevance Feedback
Cristina López-Pujalte | Vicente P. Guerrero-Bote | Félix de Moya Anegón

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Predicting Information Flows in Network Traffic
Melvin J. Hinich | Robert E. Molyneux

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Open Source Software Development and Lotka's Law: Bibliometric Patterns in Programming
Gregory B. Newby | Jane Greenberg | Paul Jones

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a Profile of Faculty Reading and Information-use Behaviors on the Cusp of the Electronic Age
Helen Belefant-Miller | Donald W. King

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Book Reviews: Knowledge and Knowing in Library and Information Science: A Philosophical Framework
Kasper Graarup

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Book Reviews: Information Management for the Intelligent Organization: the Art of Scanning the Environmen
Ina Fourie