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2003 Volume 54 Issue 3

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a Measure for the Cohesion of Weighted Networks
Leo Egghe | Ronald Rousseau

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Methods for Identifying Versioned and Plagiarized Documents
Timothy C. Hoad | Justin Zobel

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Individual Differences in Exploration Using Desktop VR
David Modjeska | Mark H. Chignell

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Multimodal Geographic Information Systems: Adding Haptic and Auditory Display
Wooseob Jeong | Myke Gluck

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Stereotype-based Versus Personal-based Filtering Rules in Information Filtering Systems
Tsvi Kuflik | Bracha Shapira | Peretz Shoval

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Self-citation and Self-reference: Credibility and Promotion in Academic Publication
Ken Hyland

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From Here to Obscurity? Media Substitution Theory and Traditional Media in an On-line World
Barbara K. Kaye | Thomas J. Johnson

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Dynamic Ranking with N + 1 Dimensional Vector Space Models: an Alternative Search Mechanism for World Wide Web
S. Lakshminarayan

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Simplifying the Reversed Duplicate Removal Procedur
Tove Faber Frandsen