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2003 Volume 54 Issue 5

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The role of electronic preprints in chemical communication: Analysis of citation, usage, and acceptance in the journal literature
Cecelia M. Brown

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Predicting future citation behavior
Quentin L. Burrell

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Analysis of performance variation using query expansion
Nega Alemayehu

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Visualizing scientific paradigms: An introduction
Chaomei Chen

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Paradigms, citations, and maps of science: A personal history
Henry Small

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Why do we need algorithmic historiography?
Eugene Garfield | Alexander I. Pudovkin | V. S. Istomin

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Time line visualization of research fronts
Steven A. Morris | Gary G. Yen | Zheng Wu | Benyam Asnake

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Pathfinder networks and author cocitation analysis: A remapping of paradigmatic information scientists
Howard D. White

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The rising landscape: A visual exploration of superstring revolutions in physics
Chaomei Chen | Jasna Kuljis

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Indicator-assisted evaluation and funding of research: Visualizing the influence of grants on the number and citation counts of research papers
Kevin W. Boyack | Katy Börner

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Simultaneous mapping of interactions between scientific and technological knowledge bases: The case of space communications
E. Hassan