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2003 Volume 54 Issue 6

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Web search strategies and approaches to studying
Nigel Ford | David Miller | Nicola Moss

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Three target document range metrics for university web sites
Mike Thelwall | David Wilkinson

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Searching for images: The analysis of users' queries for image retrieval in American history
Youngok Choi | Edie M. Rasmussen

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Information as commodity and economic sector: Its emergence in the discourse of industrial classification
Cheryl Knott Malone | Fernando Elichirigoity

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A method for the comparative analysis of concentration of author productivity, giving consideration to the effect of sample size dependency of statistical measures
Fuyuki Yoshikane | Kyo Kageura | Keita Tsuji

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Incorporating user search behavior into relevance feedback
Ian Ruthven | Mounia Lalmas | C. J. van Rijsbergen

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Requirements for a cocitation similarity measure, with special reference to Pearson's correlation coefficient
Per Ahlgren | Bo Jarneving | Ronald Rousseau

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Multiperspective digital libraries: The implications of constructionism for the development of digital libraries
Kimmo Tuominen | Sanna Talja | Reijo Savolainen

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Modeling the information-seeking behavior of social scientists: Ellis's study revisited
Lokman I. Meho | Helen R. Tibbo

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Book Review: Electronic collection development: A practical guide
Marianne Afifi

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Book Review: Beyond our control? Confronting the limits of our legal system in the age of cyberspace
Kenneth Einar Himma

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Book Review: Economic Growth in the Information Age
John Cullen