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2003 Volume 54 Issue 7

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The connection between the research of a university and counts of links to its web pages: An investigation based upon a classification of the relationships of pages to the research of the host university
Mike Thelwall | Gareth Harries

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Type/Token-Taken informetrics
Leo Egghe

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Adapting measures of clumping strength to assess term-term similarity
Abraham Bookstein | Vladimir A. Kulyukin | Timo Raita | John Nicholson

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Introduction to the JASIST Special Topic issue on web retrieval and mining: A machine learning perspective
Hsinchun Chen

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Client-side monitoring for Web mining
Kurt D. Fenstermacher | Mark Ginsburg

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Relevant term suggestion in interactive web search based on contextual information in query session logs
Chien-Kang Huang | Lee-Feng Chien | Yen-Jen Oyang

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DocCube: Multi-dimensional visualisation and exploration of large document sets
Josiane Mothe | Claude Chrisment | Bernard Dousset | Joel Alau

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A novel method for discovering fuzzy sequential patterns using the simple fuzzy partition method
Ruey-Shun Chen | Yi-Chung Hu

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Automatic generation of English/Chinese thesaurus based on a parallel corpus in laws
Christopher C. Yang | Johnny W. K. Luk

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elpfulMed: Intelligent searching for medical information over the internet
Hsinchun Chen | Ann M. Lally | Bin Zhu | Michael Chau

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Book Review: Looking for Information A Survey of Research on Information
Reijo Savolainen