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2003 Volume 37 Issue 2

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Detecting context-differentiating terms using competitive learning
Travis Bauer | David B. Leake

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Implicit feedback for inferring user preference: a bibliography
Diane Kelly | Jaime Teevan

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Report on the 25th European conference on information retrieval research (ECIR-03)
Fabrizio Sebastiani

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SIGIR 2003 workshop on distributed information retrieval
Jamie Callan | Fabio Crestani | Mark Sanderson

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Report on the panels and workshops of the music information retrieval (MIR) and music digital library (MDL) evaluation frameworks project
J. Stephen Downie

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Report on ACM SIGIR workshop on "semantic web" SWIR 2003
Ying Ding | Cornelis Joost van Rijsbergen | Iadh Ounis | Joemon M. Jose

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SIGIR 2003 workshop report: implicit measures of user interests and preferences
Susan T. Dumais | Thorsten Joachims | Krishna Bharat | Andreas S. Weigend

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Summary of the SIGIR 2003 workshop on defining evaluation methodologies for terabyte-scale test collections
Ian Soboroff | Ellen M. Voorhees | Nick Craswell

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Information visualization interfaces for retrieval and analysis (IVIRA) workshop summary
Javed Mostafa | Katy Börner

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Digital libraries across cultures: design and usability issues outcomes of the "cross-cultural usability for digital libraries" workshop at JCDL '03
Nadia Caidi | Anita Komlodi

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Building a more meaningful Web: from traditional knowledge organization systems to new semantic tools
Dagobert Soergel

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Report on the metadata harvesting workshop at JCDL 2003
Simeon Warner | Michael L. Nelson

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Statistical approaches toward automatic title generation
Rong Jin