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2004 Volume 40 Issue 1

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Relevance as resonance: a new theoretical perspective and a practical utilization in information filtering
Christophe Brouard | Jian-Yun Nie

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A universal method of information retrieval evaluation: the "missing" link M and the universal IR surface
Leo Egghe

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Automatic expansion of abbreviations by using context and character information
Akira Terada | Takenobu Tokunaga | Hozumi Tanaka

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An improvement key deletion method for double-array structure using single-nodes
Masaki Oono | Masao Fuketa | Kazuhiro Morita | Shinkaku Kashiji | Jun-ichi Aoe

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Improving text categorization using the importance of sentences
Youngjoong Ko | Jinwoo Park | Jungyun Seo

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Design of a two-stage content-based image retrieval system using texture similarity
Po-Whei Huang | S. K. Dai

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The relationship between undergraduates' epistemological beliefs, reflective judgment, and their information-seeking behavior
Ethelene Whitmire

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Web searching for sexual information: an exploratory study
Amanda Spink | Huseyin Cenk Özmutlu | Daniel P. Lorence

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Methods for reporting on the targets of links from national systems of university Web sites
Mike Thelwall

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Implicit ambiguity resolution using incremental clustering in cross-language information retrieval
Kyung-Soon Lee | Kyo Kageura | Key-Sun Choi

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Chinese word segmentation and its effect on information retrieval
Schubert Foo | Hui Li