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2004 Volume 40 Issue 2

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Using the feature projection technique based on a normalized voting method for text classification
Youngjoong Ko | Jungyun Seo

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Text categorization for a comprehensive time-dependent benchmark
Fred Damerau | Tong Zhang | Sholom M. Weiss | Nitin Indurkhya

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Improving linear classifier for Chinese text categorization
Jyh-Jong Tsay | Jing-Doo Wang

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Automatic topics discovery from hyperlinked documents
Kuo-Jui Wu | Meng Chang Chen | Yeali S. Sun

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A nearly-optimal Fano-based coding algorithm
Luís G. Rueda | B. John Oommen

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A graphical user interface for the retrieval of hierarchically structured documents
Fabio Crestani | Jesús Vegas | Pablo de la Fuente

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Measuring user perceptions of Web site reputation
Elaine G. Toms | Adam R. Taves

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A day in the life of Web searching: an exploratory study
Seda Özmutlu | Amanda Spink | Huseyin Cenk Özmutlu

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The current state of digital reference: validation of a general digital reference model through a survey of digital reference services
Jeffrey Pomerantz | Scott Nicholson | Yvonne Belanger | R. David Lankes

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Bibliometric analysis of the automatic indexing literature: 1956-2000
Antonio Pulgarín | Isidoro Gil-Leiva

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Socially Intelligent Agents: Creating Relationships with Computers, Robots. By Kerstin Dautenhahn (Ed.), Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002, $39 ISBN 1-4020-7057-8
Yin Yang | Rui Wang