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2004 Volume 40 Issue 3

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Introduction to logical information systems
Sébastien Ferré | Olivier Ridoux

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Co-trained support vector machines for large scale unstructured document classification using unlabeled data and syntactic information
Seong-Bae Park | Byoung-Tak Zhang

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The role of manually-assigned keywords in query expansion
Kazem Taghva | Julie Borsack | Thomas A. Nartker | Allen Condit

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Integration of multiple evidences based on a query type for web search
In-Ho Kang | Gil-Chang Kim

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Variations in use of meta tag descriptions by Web pages in different languages
Timothy C. Craven

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Automatic performance evaluation of Web search engines
Fazli Can | Rabia Nuray | Ayisigi B. Sevdik

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Finding similar academic Web sites with links, bibliometric couplings and colinks
Mike Thelwall | David Wilkinson

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Collection selection for managed distributed document databases
Daryl J. D'Souza | James A. Thom | Justin Zobel

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Intra-individual information behaviour in daily life
Heidi E. Julien | David Michels

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The many faces of accessibility: engineers' perception of information sources
Raya Fidel | Maurice Green

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Building Websites for a Multinational Audience. By Linda Main, Lanham, Md. Scarecrow Press, 2002 [ISBN: 0810845032, 178pp. Paperback, USD $35.00]. Reviewed by: Dr. Mohamed Taher
Mohamed Taher