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2004 Volume 40 Issue 4

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A generic ranking function discovery framework by genetic programming for information retrieval
Weiguo Fan | Michael D. Gordon | Praveen Pathak

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Vector retrieval, fuzzy retrieval and the universal fuzzy IR surface for IR evaluation
Leo Egghe

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Searching structured documents
Andrew Trotman

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The SST method: a tool for analysing Web information search processes
Nils Pharo | Kalervo Järvelin

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WiIRE: the Web interactive information retrieval experimentation system prototype
Elaine G. Toms | Luanne Freund | Cara Li

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New measurements for search engine evaluation proposed and tested
Liwen Vaughan

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Search engine coverage bias: evidence and possible causes
Liwen Vaughan | Mike Thelwall

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Knowledge discovery applied to material acquisitions for libraries
Chien-Hsing Wu | Tzai-Zang Lee | Shu-Chen Kao