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2004 Volume 7 Issue 3-4

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Introduction: Special Issue on the 25th European Conference on Information Retrieval Research
Fabrizio Sebastiani

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Replicating Web Structure in Small-Scale Test Collections
Cathal Gurrin | Alan F. Smeaton

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Within-Document Retrieval: A User-Centred Evaluation of Relevance Profiling
David J. Harper | Ivan Koychev | Sun Yixing | Iain Pirie

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How Effective is Stemming and Decompounding for German Text Retrieval?
Martin Braschler | Bärbel Ripplinger

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Augmenting Naive Bayes Classifiers with Statistical Language Models
Fuchun Peng | Dale Schuurmans | Shaojun Wang

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Simple Semantics in Topic Detection and Tracking
Juha Makkonen | Helena Ahonen-Myka | Marko Salmenkivi

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OSGS - A Personalized Online Store for E-Commerce Environments
Raz Lin | Sarit Kraus | Jeffrey D. Tew

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Learning User Similarity and Rating Style for Collaborative Recommendation
Kwok-Wai Cheung | Lily F. Tian