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2004 Volume 55 Issue 10

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Bert R. Boyce

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Automatic generation of domain representations using thesaurus structures
Juan Lloréns | Manuel Velasco | Antonio de Amescua Seco | José A. Moreiro | Vicente Martínez

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Fusion of effective retrieval strategies in the same information retrieval system
Steven M. Beitzel | Eric C. Jensen | Abdur Chowdhury | David A. Grossman | Ophir Frieder | Nazli Goharian

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Document search interface design: Background and introduction to special topic section
Javed Mostafa

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EBizPort: Collecting and analyzing business intelligence information
Byron Marshall | Daniel McDonald | Hsinchun Chen | Wingyan Chung

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Topic modeling for mediated access to very large document collections
Gheorghe Muresan | David J. Harper

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Multiple viewpoints as an approach to digital library interfaces
James C. French | A. C. Chapin | Worthy N. Martin

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Observing users, designing clarity: A case study on the user-centered design of a cross-language information retrieval system
Daniela Petrelli | Micheline Beaulieu | Mark Sanderson | George Demetriou | Patrick Herring | Preben Hansen

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Pearson's r and author cocitation analysis: A commentary on the controversy
Stephen J. Bensman

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Rejoinder: In defense of formal methods
Per Ahlgren | Bo Jarneving | Ronald Rousseau