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2004 Volume 55 Issue 12

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A sample of music information retrieval approaches
J. Stephen Downie

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Popular music access: The Sony music browser
François Pachet | Amaury La Burthe | Aymeric Zils | Jean-Julien Aucouturier

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A score-driven approach to music information retrieval
Goffredo Haus | Maurizio Longari | Emanuele Pollastri

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An architecture for effective music information retrieval
Alexandra L. Uitdenbogerd | Justin Zobel

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Combining melody processing and information retrieval techniques: Methodology, evaluation, and system implementation
Massimo Melucci | Nicola Orio

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Research and developments of a multi-modal MIR engine for commercial applications in East Asia
Jyh-Shing Roger Jang | Hong-Ru Lee | Jiang-Chuen Chen | Cheng-Yuan Lin

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Music analysis and retrieval systems for audio signals
George Tzanetakis | Perry R. Cook

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Recognition and analysis of audio for copyright protection: The RAA project
Eloi Batlle | Helmut Neuschmied | Peter Uray | Gerd Ackermann

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Music information retrieval research and its context at the University of Waikato
David Bainbridge

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Overview of the OMRAS project: Online music retrieval and searching
Matthew J. Dovey

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Application of soft computing to automatic music information retrieval
Bozena Kostek