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2004 Volume 55 Issue 14

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Webometrics: An introduction to the special issue
Mike Thelwall | Liwen Vaughan

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Toward a basic framework for webometrics
Lennart Björneborn | Peter Ingwersen

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Web-crawling reliability
Vivian Cothey

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Characteristics of scientific Web publications: Preliminary data gathering and analysis
Erik Thorlund Jepsen | Piet Seiden | Peter Ingwersen | Lennart Björneborn | Pia Borlund

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Formally citing the Web
Paul Wouters | Repke de Vries

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Lexical and semantic clustering by Web links
Filippo Menczer

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Trend detection through temporal link analysis
Einat Amitay | David Carmel | Michael Herscovici | Ronny Lempel | Aya Soffer

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Transposition of the cocitation method with a view to classifying Web pages
Camille Prime-Claverie | Michel Beigbeder | Thierry Lafouge

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Dynamic Web log session identification with statistical language models
Xiangji Huang | Fuchun Peng | Aijun An | Dale Schuurmans

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The visible librarian: Asserting your value with marketing and advocacy
Lisa A. Ennis

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The ABCs of XML: The librarian's guide to the eXtensible Markup Language; XML in libraries; and Learning XML
M. Zoe Holbrooks

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Letter to the Editor: Summary of article appearing in In This Issue, JASIST, 55(4), 281-282 (2004): An Information Processing Model of Undergraduate Electronic Database Information Retrieval
Karen Macpherson