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2004 Volume 55 Issue 6

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In this issue
Bert R. Boyce

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A new unified probabilistic model
David Bodoff | Stephen E. Robertson

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Properties-based retrieval and user decision states: User control and behavior modeling
Gerald Benoît

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Design of cataloging rules using conceptual modeling of cataloging process
Shoichi Taniguchi

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A classification of author co-citations: Definitions and search strategies
Ronald Rousseau | Alesia A. Zuccala

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Measuring retrieval effectiveness: A new proposal and a first experimental validation
Vincenzo Della Mea | Stefano Mizzaro

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Long-term influences of interventions in the normal development of science: China and the Cultural Revolution
Bihui Jin | Ling Li | Ronald Rousseau

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A report on the first year of the INitiative for the Evaluation of XML retrieval
Gabriella Kazai | Mounia Lalmas | Norbert Fuhr | Norbert Gövert

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Bowling alone together: Academic writing as distributed cognition
Blaise Cronin

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Democracy and New Media
John P. Renaud