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2004 Volume 55 Issue 8

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Amanda Spink | Charles Cole

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From two-step flow to the Internet: The changing array of sources for genetics information seeking
Donald Owen Case | J. David Johnson | James E. Andrews | Suzanne L. Allard | Kimberly M. Kelly

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User information-seeking behavior in a medical Web portal environment: A preliminary study
Dongming Zhang | Caroline Zambrowicz | Hong Zhou | Nancy Roderer

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Positioning theory and the negotiation of information needs in a clinical midwifery setting
Pamela J. McKenzie

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A framework for understanding user requirements for an information service: Defining the needs of informal carers
Mark Hepworth

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Toward wellness: Women seeking health information
Dorothy Warner | J. Drew Procaccino

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Use of the World Wide Web for international travel: Integrating the construct of uncertainty in information seeking and the task-technology fit (TTF) model
John D'Ambra | Concepción S. Wilson

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On the Web at home: Information seeking and Web searching in the home environment
Soo Young Rieh

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Information grounds and the use of need-based services by immigrants in Queens, New York: A context-based, outcome evaluation approach
Karen E. Fisher | Joan C. Durrance | Marian Bouch Hinton