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2004 Volume 55 Issue 9

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Amanda Spink | Charles Cole

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Modeling cognitive processes in information seeking: From Popper to Pask
Nigel Ford

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Searching the peer-to-peer networks: The community and their queries
Sai Ho Kwok | Christopher C. Yang

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Using the information seeker to elicit construct models for search engine evaluation
Sarah E. Crudge | Frances C. Johnson

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Seeking information in order to produce information: An empirical study at Hewlett Packard Labs
Sandra G. Hirsh | Jamie Dinkelacker

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Internet searching and browsing in a multilingual world: An experiment on the Chinese Business Intelligence Portal (CBizPort)
Wingyan Chung | Yiwen Zhang | Zan Huang | Gang Wang | Thian-Huat Ong | Hsinchun Chen

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Accessibility and use of information sources among computer scientists and software engineers in Israel: Academy versus industry
Moshe Yitzhaki | Gloria Hammershlag

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Replies and a correction
Howard D. White

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Author cocitation analysis and Pearson's r
Per Ahlgren | Bo Jarneving | Ronald Rousseau