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2004 Volume 7 Issue 3

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Editorial Introduction: Web Servers and Content Distribution Networks (CDN)
Xiaohua Jia | Yuval Shavitt

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On the Performance Regularity of Web Servers
Yibei Ling | Shigang Chen | Xiaola Lin

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Characterization and Evaluation of Cache Hierarchies for Web Servers
Ravi R. Iyer

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A QoS-Based Joint Scheduling and Caching Algorithm for Multimedia Objects
Jiangchuan Liu | Bo Li

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Designing Efficient and Robust Caching Algorithms for Streaming-on-Demand Services on the Internet
K. Y. Leung | Eric W. M. Wong | Kai-Hau Yeung

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Optimal Content Location in Multicast Based Overlay Networks with Content Updates
Oren Unger | Israel Cidon