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2005 Volume 41 Issue 1

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An Asian digital libraries perspective
Edward A. Fox | Elisabeth Logan

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A personalized collaborative Digital Library environment: a model and an application
M. Elena Renda | Umberto Straccia

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Applying scenario-based design and claims analysis to the design of a digital library of geography examination resources
Yin Leng Theng | Dion Hoe-Lian Goh | Ee-Peng Lim | Zehua Liu | Ming Yin | Natalie Lee-San Pang | Patricia Bao-Bao Wong

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Searching digital music libraries
David Bainbridge | Michael Dewsnip | Ian H. Witten

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A formulation for patenting content-based retrieval processes in digital libraries
Hideyasu Sasaki | Yasushi Kiyoki

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Text summarization using a trainable summarizer and latent semantic analysis
Jen-Yuan Yeh | Hao-Ren Ke | Wei-Pang Yang | I-Heng Meng

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Beyond information searching and browsing: acquiring knowledge from digital libraries
Ling Feng | Manfred A. Jeusfeld | Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers

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A probabilistic model for stemmer generation
Michela Bacchin | Nicola Ferro | Massimo Melucci

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Off-line isolated handwritten Thai OCR using island-based projection with n-gram model and hidden Markov models
Thanaruk Theeramunkong | Chainat Wongtapan